If you don’t have a pet, you have no companion. A faithful companion that has never let you down deserves some pampering now and again. That is what we do. We are Poochie Barber Inc. in Oak Lawn IL, and we have been pet groomers for 29 years.


We look forward to getting to know you and your pet!

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Aug 28, 2012 by Renee

Bruce is a black Labrador, who, 1 hour ago, was an overgrown, smelly, (but adorable!) mess! Then Poochie Barber came along and transformed him into a handsome prince! I have tried, and failed on many occasions to groom Bruce, it is not so much the bath bit, but the drying, and brushing that is the problem. Then I have 5 wet towels a hairy bath and wet and hairy walls to clean! So imagine how delighted I was today when Bruce went off into Poochie Barber\'s van for his spa treatment! My bathroom remained clean, and Brucey boy is returned to me all shiny and beautiful! But not only that, the attention Bruce got paid by the groomer was amazing, He instantly loved him. Cant thank-you enough, and will certainly recommend, and use again. Thank you very much.
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Dog groomer in action

Your pet deserves the very best care. We provide a full service cat and dog grooming. From pet washing to a full clip, Poochie Barber Inc. does it all, and we do it with lots of tender loving care. We have all of the latest products that are safe for your family companion. Poochie Barber Inc. strives to give the customer 100% satisfaction, this is why we have managed to gain so many regular customers over the years. Call us today at (708) 422-0255 to schedule a grooming appointment. Drop your pets off before work; pick them up after that. We will take care of them in the meantime. You will be very pleased with the work we do.

Poochie Barber Inc. understands your pets may be stressed or confused when you leave them with us. We will take every step to make sure your pet feels comfortable and relaxed. All of our products are gentle to the pet’s skin and provide a stellar sheen on the coat.

Pet washing service

Poochie Barber Inc. is your friend and neighbor when you need speedy pet groomer’s services. After all, we live in Oak Lawn IL too. We are pet owners as well, so we understand the importance of quality care and regular grooming. Trust our knowledgeable staff to do your pet’s grooming at least once in a few months and you will definitely see the positive difference. We do our best to earn your trust so we can do business together. Poochie Barber Inc. is ready for your pet anytime –  call us today at (708) 422-0255.

Professional pet washing

Leading your pet to professional pet groomer, is one of the best ways to take care of your pets health. Regular grooming keeps your furry friend looking his best, also helps to keep the pet clean. Poochie Barber Inc.’s service includes pet washing, brushing, trim, ear cleaning and more. If you do not have the time or you have not cared of a pet before, it is better to look for the assistance of a professional. We, at Poochie Barber Inc., offer the service of friendly, and most important, skilled cat and dog groomers. Each one is experienced and well trained. We understand that your pet might be in big stress, when it comes to taking a bath or cutting nails, so we have special approach to each animal. Trust us, that we can do the job, without any doubt. Our groomers love each furry companion, who comes into our barber. They will act friendly and professional, so your pet can relax. We take exceptional cares of each pet, because we realize how special they are for you.

Our approach, define us as the best pet groomers in Oak Lawn IL. We are proud with the high quality cares, we provide to each owner and his furry companion. Our team specializes in cat and dog grooming since 1983 and provided quality service for the owners and their pets in Oak Lawn IL and all surrounding areas. Our talented and friendly pet groomers – along with our focus on health, happiness, and individual attention, will keep you coming back.



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